The Real Deal Stuffed Clams was started by me Kathie Noyes as a local delicacy on the North Shore. It was started with one goal in mind. To get a delicious tasting clam that was packed with stuffing and most importantly a lot of clam meat. The Real Deal Stuffed Clams are packed with a lot of clam meat from fresh locally sourced clams here on the East Coast.

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  • These Real Deal Stuffed Clams are fantastic! Plenty of chopped clams & lots of flavor! We acquire them for our mail order customers and they rave about them every chance they get. Repeat customers galor!! 5 stars for this product for sure!! – The Fresh Lobster Company

    ~Ted Testaverde
  • Stuffed Clams are the absolute best! Not only are they packed with flavor but each shell is packed with a generous portion. Have not had anything that compares to these stuffed clams anywhere. One or two with a salad makes a quick and delicious meal.

    ~Alexandra Evans
  • Best stuffed clams i have ever had!!! These are the REAL DEAL! Everyone should buy some and try them, you will not be disappointed!!

    ~Becky Thompson
  • Best stuffed clams ever!!! Delicious and each stuffed clam is a generous portion of actual clam, not like some of the other places that give you mostly stuffing. So so good!

    ~Grace Burbridge
  • You wont find a better stuffed clam in all of the world! Loaded with clams and perfectly seasoned. Get in touch with Kat for your next party, if you serve these clams you will be a rock star.

    ~Carol Murphy
  • These are the best clams I have ever had! The stuffing is perfect, they are very filling, and you just pop them in the oven and they’re done. These clams are an amazing deal.

    ~Stephanie Marie
  • I grew up in a fishing family and have worked for a seafood company my entire life. I know my seafood. I’m also a real foodie, and no good quality food. I had some awesome stuffed clams, back in the 80’s, in Rhode Island. Ever since then, I keep ordering them, whenever I see them anywhere on the Northeast coast, hoping I’ll find ones as good. I’ve been very disappointed, because I have never been able to find anything close…. until now. These clams are the best I’ve ever had in my life! They actually have a huge amount of clams, and just the right seasoning. I’m so happy to have found them. I’m now addicted to them and crave them often. You will not be disappointed if you try them.

    ~Ann Molloy
  • I have been craving these stuffed clams ever since I have had them! So much clam meat!

    ~Arthur Choate
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